I’m going to share my story of unconditional love, forgiveness and judgements! I’m probably gonna lose some people over this but maybe not! Here goes!

One day 3/16/19 I found out my husband was on life support. I lost it! I knew this was going to be it. That dream flashed back about his funeral. He had negative energy still, I didnt want him to transform to the other side that way. I knew he always felt my heart, I always felt his. I forgave him for everything, all of it! I asked him to forgive me for hurting him, to forgive himself! I sent unconditional love to him through imagining universal love and energy connected to it. 3 x’s a day I did this. The 3/21/19 evening meditation a warm loving feeling came through, I saw like a energy circle around me. I felt his presence so I told him he could go to the other side and not to worrry about anything said or done to anyone. The next day he passed. I had a sense of freedom kinda like peace when I meditated that afternoon. I just waited for a sign. I could smell him and feel him. I couldnt sleep that first night 3/22/19. I asked him if he could give me a sign? My grandchildrens play room tv that never goes off disney suddenly came on and turned channels to news and blew the volume up! I knew this was him. I heard him say hey babe, then he was gone. A week while money for funeral was settled and he would do things here and there, TV on news at 3:15 am. And he liked the microwave once or twice.
3/30/19 We had his funeral. I went early to see him and left as everyone came. My mother in law gave me the vows I wrote him with his wedding ring in them, he had been carrying it all that time. I knew as soon as I grabbed that, we were going to talk. I took two pictures of him and took a flyer. When i got home the flyer disapeared fast. and my sd card became currupt, deleting his pictures from funeral. at 7 pm I had this feeling overwhelming feelings of remorse, sorrow, deepest love ever and forgivness. I was on my porch at this time meditating, my chakras spun so fast, my body was like paryalized and i saw Derrick in like a shadowy spot on my porch. I felt the most peaceful loving calm. The sound was high and beautiful. My ears immediately popped. I felt as if we were connected and us to all. He started to talk and it was as fast as knowing. I felt his feelings and he knew what i was thinking as we connected. Out of all my many empathic communictions this one was way stronger and magnificant. Divine!
First he told me to not think about him being dead. HE said we were tought energy transforms and it does. Im very much alive but different. He said we are all able to see other dimisons but we have to raise our vibrations first. God is Love! He is Pure Love! He told me of his life review. He saw all the pain he caused through our perception. I felt his pain and love! Their are many different vibrational dimisions and lower forms go to the vibration that fits them upon death. Higher vibrational diminsions for others. Then if our souls need to go back and fix things we clease or learn through the life review what to go do again. He said we can come straight back or be a guide. Time is different for us so we are all going to be with one another again. We are soul tribes. We have traveled many lives before. He said as my twin flame, he was the person to help me see my own faults, to find my way to the Divine. To see where I need change and to begin a whole new way of seeing and thinking. He said judgement creates negative energy and we should all stop judging. And in order for us to raise our inner vibrations we must work on our selves. Get rid of all that does not suit us. He told me to live through gods love always. Gods love is in us all. Thats why there is no hell. We are all Gods children and we go to dimisions accourding to our soul growth. An advanced soul knows this and doesn’t believe you go to hell because you may have lied, robbed, hit or worse. God forgives all so if you mess up next time do it different. We must all come to a place of unity and true love. A advanced soul has no judgement just love but they live a life of porpose and service to others. A complete soul is not jelouse, angry, or vengeful, selfish and judgemental. I had never felt like this before. The love I felt from him was truly angelic. Then he told me to learn about our human history. Our religious history. He said we were all tought differnet versions of someone eles truth. He said we were manipulated to believe things were evil so we wouldnt look for the truth.
Now that I have been through this experince, Im not afraid to say we need to all take a deep look inside us all! He told me to talk about my experience to see if it could help others to look again. I was afraid of what others might think. He said do it no matter the fear. Some will hear the message some won’t. We need a new way of thinking. Everything is falling apart because we cant remember we are Gods children even when we sin. The person saying, ‘I hope he went to heaven!’ Thats sinning!! That judging!
I’m sharing this story because I was guided to and also to help others see that when things seem bad that is God telling at you to find him inside you. To find your true self is to find him! He brought me to a place where I found God!

Watch “Shut up and follow the narrative! One Nation under Mind control.” on YouTube

Shared Death Experience

After my husband’s funeral I knew he was going to visit me. I knew it and I felt him. I personally thought I was losing my mind. I had waited until dark. I could see his energy body in front of me. All of the sudden I was hearing his voice in my head. His voice, like a am radio shoved in my head. All of my chakras spun at that moment. My crown started to tingle and I felt this amazing love stronger than any love ever felt.

My husband told me he had felt me the whole time he was on life support. As if we were hanging out. He explained that he was my guide until he reincarnated. I was age six. The male voice I could hear in my astral projections was his. Female me, my higher self. He stated he was going to be my guide again.

I walked in the house, not believing this. You gotta prove it I said. He showed my 2 year old granddaughter his soul. She froze, Mimi you got a man in your closet. My son age 13 heard her looked up and gasped for air. I said alright, you got my attention! let’s do this! My kids felt his love. Even now, two years later, they talk about the love from him was amazing.

He began to tell me that I had a pure heart. That what I was feeling was Christ consciousness. That we have been tricked into thinking that the path to the divine was evil so that we could not find God. When I asked questions the answers came fast. It was the speed of thought, fastest communication etc is thought.

I asked him about reincarnation, was he going to? He had told me I helped save him from that cycle! He explained that he was my mirror soul. He told me we are a part of a tribe. New souls were coming in and the ones leaving we were going back to source. My mind was blown! Mirror souls, twins?!

He told me he was sent to wake me up. We are a ascended being. A race that was used at the beginning of our creation story to create humans. All of my spiritual waking experiences started with him in my life. I had always felt his heart and he mine. We are one part of the whole soul. He the male positive, and me female negative. In this dimension we become opposite because of the programs. He was negative here, I am positive. This is the realm of evil.

We have contracts with other souls and each other before incarnation of each life. Only a portion of each essence of male/female makes our human experience. Other guides are other dimensions of us in every chakra. I know it’s a lot. The death dream I had about us at his funeral few months before all this, that’s the hall of records. Our souls communicate with each other before 3d death here.

I know I couldn’t believe it myself. My ears were popping. I could hear the most beautiful loving music tones. The most beautiful experience I had ever felt, witnessed or was apart of. This experience for ever changed me. It was the most real thing ever experienced. I know by him telling me to research what he showed me and doing that, this is real stuff.

Ancient scriptures, writings, and tablets all talk about this. He also said this is a game. This avatar is controlled outside our body. He made every energy source spin simultaneously inside my body. Yes he is definitely my guide. One half at least.

Connecting with guides 2

So my first post on this was my first communication with my guides I was told with in three months I would completely understand. I was told keep going inside. Do the inner work. Learn about our spiritual history. We must know our past to understand our future. They told me to stand everything on its head. To rip apart everything I’ve ever been taught. To question everything .    

I had always been told chakra energy was witchcraft but here I was using it to open my heart. Opening my pineal gland and having an experience inside my body from a obviously outside force. It felt like the most beautiful loving experience of life. It definitely was not evil.

I had a disturbing dream one night that my husband and I went to a temple. It was a marble temple and we were greeted by a tall hooded figure with a female voice. She took us to a room telling us we needed to watch this to prepare. We went in sat down and a casket set in front of the room. A marquee scrolled over it with my husband’s name, we were at his funeral. This happened the week after my first connection with My higher self.

I had a hard time with this dream because the meditations guided me to this was going to happen because of his negativity. It was going to start happening more and more because of people’s negativity also. I started to realize that our Earth was about to go through a major change.

So about two week away from the three month mark my husband fell ill and ended up on life support. My heart sank and my guide kicked in, suddenly I was qw, healing energy through me. Through the outer universe. Through my husband. As I did this I imagined his soul was healing. I sent him love. I sent him forgiveness. I also asked him to forgive myself for hurt I caused him.

My guides showed me how to preform these energy healings. They encouraged me to repeat these meditations 3 times a day. I did. I was told he would heal on the other side. I had never, ever know of or about what I was being guided to do. I was shown how to protect myself. I was shown grounding. I was told to talk to his soul when I wasn’t there.

Exactly 7 days later we pulled the plug. I heard him telepathically call my name that night. Right after we did it I went into a long guided meditation to guide him through. I started seeing white orbs with nodes around it during my meditations leading up to his funeral. The first night and pretty much daily I was woke up at 3:15 am on the dot through the tv coming on by itself and tuning to the news by it’s self. For 7 more days I was guided to continue with meditations 3 times a day.

My husband died 3/22/2019. On March 30, 2019. The day of the funeral I went 2 hours ahead of everyone. I lost my Shit when I went in. I remember crying and asking him why. My mother-in-law shows up handing me his wedding ring wrapped in my vows. Suddenly I felt his energy. I smelled him. And this loving emotion came over me. It felt as if my mother-in-law handed me his soul.

I’m going to break the rest of this down in my next post tomorrow. It’ll probably be part 3 of connection with my guides.

Walking through dimensions.

I have woke up in different times. I woke up in the past once. I have also woke up in the future. I’m sure this was astral projection. I have also woke up in an entirely different life a couple of times.

I just want to mention that spiritual change, or growth happens during your darkest days. At least that’s how mine has always been. You know those times when you are asking yourself why? How? Is my life in the hole, that’s when revelations are made.

I was going through a very low time in my life, my marriage was falling apart. The love of my life was drifting away. I had asked for guidance, using love energy. During this time in my life I was learning about chakra energy.  Slowly my guides where communicating with me tho I was unaware of it then.

I found a book called past lives regression for idiots. After about half way through the book I woke up in the 1700s. I remember my husband the same one as now beside me. It was winter time. I was rolling over to ask him to put logs on the fire. We had a log cabin and kids in the loft. All this was familiar to me, until I opened my eyes and saw an airconditoner in the window. As soon as I seen the air conditioner I was shocked. I felt out of place. I had to close my eyes and regroup. After much processing and meditation I realized that it was a past life memory. The book is a really good by the way.

The next time I end up experiencing a different life event, it was the future. I have had psychic dreams my whole life. The house my husband and I live in I had been having flash backs about it. When I fell asleep I again went to another time but this time it was the future. Earth was in inhabited. It looked like a war happened all over it. I was in a space ship witnessing this. My husband was with me, I was showing my children all the places on earth we had lived in during past lives. I had explained how we have lived many lives during many life cycles. I was showing them how we are all connected to the all.

By now you should be seeing how guides contact us through our sleep cycles. How extraterrestrial encounter can seem like a dream. How that astral travel is normal and how we are definitely beginning to see the connection to all parapsychology! We are all walking through dimensions.

Psychic Dreams and astral projection connection.

I have had psychic dreams my whole life. I remember telling my mother that a guy took my aunt and put her in a cage. I was horrified. We have to keep them from getting her. She was arrested about 3 days later. My family got curious about how I could have known.

As I grew up I had some weird dreams. Some came true. Many of my dreams didn’t until my awakening. If you have a very Vivid dream then that is a psychic dream. If you remember and it’s very Vivid some or all of the details in that dream will come true. I have learned further in my Awakening experience that this is also an astral projection. See our soul guides have many different ways to communicate with us. It could be through dreams, it can be through astral projection, it could be through visions or flashes, or even ET contact.

The death dreams, I’m sure many of you have had these kinds of dreams. You have probably had them come true as well. Well I had several death dreams in my life time. The first one I was 8 years old. I had dreamed in 2 weeks my brother would die. I was nervous and anxious but I told my mom. Big mistake. 2 weeks later my brother passed. My mother again probing me, ” how did I know”?

My second death dream was a little different I heard a gunshot in my dream. I live in the country so no big surprise. Except for that it was not hunting season. At the time I had the dream it was 12:30 my time. In the morning I found out my ex had killed his self 2:30 his time.

In one of my coming up blog Topix I will discuss having experiences with people that have passed to the other side. Extremely empathic people will have these experiences. And anybody can have these experiences they just have to be open to it. I have had a few other experiences like that in my past. Many have brought me to profound spiritual Awakenings. Psychic death dreams are also soul to soul connections, communication. And this is happening more and more to people now. And this is why I’m talking about my experiences because I want people to know we are all connected in this world. And I am here for you soul brothers and sisters. Love and light!

Astral projection

   I have astral projected my whole life. At age 3 I had broke my finger and almost lost it. I was admitted in the hospital and was under a plastic tent that they used for sedation. I was afraid as I was going to sleep, so I imagined that I was floating up to the lights.  Suddenly I was. I asked if I was dead. A female voice answers me saying no, you are separated from your body. I got confused and a male voice said tell her to do stuff. I went flying all over the hospital. She told me to go back. I said no, I like it here. The male voice said I told you it was a bad idea. I was suddenly back in my body. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents. It felt great.

     Another astral projection I age 4, I feel asleep on my trampoline with my brother. I fell through the trampoline. Not under any sedation this time, I looked up to see my body and freaked.  I heard the same voices telling me it’s okay. I felt a loving presence. I knew right away I was okay. Suddenly I hear the two voices again. They told me to fly around the house. I did and I didn’t wanna stop. Again I was told to go back.

      I would continue to do this of and on. And finally the last childhood memory of astral projection was age 8. I had my tonsils removed and I did it again. As I was falling asleep on sedation, I popped out of my body and watched everything they did to me. I heard what they said. I seen the doctors from above. I actually told everyone after. My doctor was amazed. The nurse said I must of had a dream. My mom, well she was afraid I would get taken away. People were going to think I was crazy.

       This is a natural thing we do. We have been programmed to believe it’s evil. It’s not evil. It’s natural and it brings us closer to Divine Creator than organized religion will. Psychic dreams are also astral projection, O.B.E., and contact with E.T.s are all a form of astral projection. It is all connected. To have these experiences, just open heart to knowing that you can do it. And imagine that your separating from your physical body. Also Google it, believe it or not a set of simple tips to follow pop up.